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Community Life in Rose Valley
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It was the people who made their home in Rose Valley who kept Price's dream of an arts and crafts community alive. This category of art represents the activities that brought this community together.  These include the Rose Valley Folk, The Rose Valley Players, and The Rose Valley Chorus.  These groups centered their activities in the Guild Hall.

Concert Program

"The Mikado"

Library Book Plate

"Cranford" Program

Three Plays

Three Irish Plays

Cabin (in Winter)



Dance Program

The Cabin


Francis Day Studio


Good Intent

Minutes of the Folk

Minutes of the Folk

Rose Valley Drum

Possum Hollow

Eleanore Price with camera

Plays by 
Margaret Scott Oliver

"Turtle Dove" Program

"Turtle Dove" Program
Outside Cover

Halloween Invitation

Rose Valley map

Invitation to Concert

Rose Valley Minstrels

Cranford Program

Rose Valley Fair

Postcard of Schoen Haus

Program for Three Plays

Poster for "Mikado"

Postcard of Shoen Haus

Playbill for "The Gondoliers"

Cricket Bat

Artisan's Cottage


Piano Rolls

Nathan Kite

Auntie Bess' Cottage

Musicale Announcement

Robin Hood

Auntie Bess Warrington

Birthday Party

Interior View of Residence

Sauls' Pool

Christmas Carols

Boating on Ridley Creek

Swinging Bridge

Grimm's Fairy Tales


Guest House

Dragon Princess


Lotus Wheel House

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